AMMD joins “ZeMarmot” project!

Good news everyone!

You may remember that we were looking for musicians in the last weeks. Indeed “ZeMarmot” wants to give a real important part to music, since there won’t be any dialogs (marmots don’t speak human langage!) and also because we love good music.

ZeMarmot and friends partying
Today we are very happy to announce officially our association with the AMMD cooperative of Free Artists! This is a very awesome cooperative of professional musician gathering nearly a dozen active bands, who all release their songs under the Free Art license (a license officially compatible with Creative Commons BY-SA).
Also they have their own professional recording studio, and — hold onto something — fully fueled by Free Software! You read it well: you can do professional recording and mixing with Free Software and professional musicians can make a living using Free Software, just as you can for professional graphics.
The AMMD will be in charge of composing original soundtracks, musiciens, recording and mixing to make “ZeMarmot” an even awesomer movie.

So — if not mistaken — I think we can say that if “ZeMarmot” can get funded, it will be the first animation movie ever FULLY made with Free Software, from the Operating System, to the graphics, the editing, and even the sound and music! How is it for a big step for Free Software?!

P.S.: we had many other feedbacks and discussions with artists, so thank you to everyone who proposed their services. Know that we don't rule out totally having other musicians if needed, and we are still in discussion with some interesting people who contacted us and that we may optionally work with additionally. The AMMD simply stuck out amongst all the contributors since their usage of Free Software and similar process and ideas on Libre Art really agreed with our project, and also because they do really great musics (don't hesitate to have a look at the AMMD website).