ZeMarmot at GUADEC 2016

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to tell everyone that ZeMarmot project will be present at GUADEC 2016.

ZeMarmot is speaking at GUADEC 2016!
ZeMarmot is speaking at GUADEC 2016!

GUADEC is “the main conference for GNOME users, developers, foundation leaders, individuals, governments and businesses worldwide” and this year, it will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany from August 12 – 14.

ZeMarmot sponsored by GNOME

We are all happy users of GNOME here, and this is the first time we will be in GUADEC, so this is pretty exciting. Both Aryeom, the film director, and myself, Jehan, are sponsored by the GNOME Foundation to present our film, produced with FLOSS, in room 1, on Sunday, August 14. We will talk about the movie, its current status, about our work on GIMP too, how GNOME and Free Software works in a media creation workflow, and so on. So we hope you will be many to check this out if you are around!
There are a lot of other very cool talks for the whole 3 days of conference, so if you come by, I have the feeling you won’t regret it. 🙂

Of course, if you happen to come across us in between talks, or during the hackfest days, don’t hesitate to come and say hi! Here is what we look like so you can recognize us:

Aryeom & Jehan by Patrick David
Aryeom & Jehan by Patrick David.

Have fun everyone, and maybe see you at GUADEC! 🙂

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