The making of ZeMarmot: planning

Hi all,

Not many news, but you know, summer, exhausting crowdfunding, the dozen of Free Software meetings and events in summer… well it didn’t help! Anyway we are still there, and not dead. 🙂

July and August are a little out for Aryeom since she has to finish another project by end of August. As for I, I have been working on the design and spec of our custom software to manage Animation projects. I already had some C code back from June, but since I had been discussing with Konstantin Dmitriev (maintainer of Synfig and Morevna project…) about a possible collaboration, I may redo a new implementation from scratch anyway (Python maybe this time?…). I am also back working on GIMP, and the animation plugin. And of course, I am working on the movie script. I hope I will be able to tell you more about one of these topics soon.
Well that’s a lot, right!

We have been planning going into more visual ZeMarmot pre-production, with concept design, research and reference gathering from September. So in a month, we should be able to propose you cool images to chew on! 🙂
In the same time, we are discussing with AMMD and are meant to meet them in October about their first musical productions made for the movie. Really looking forward to it!

Also, even though the crowdfunding has officially stopped, Indiegogo allows successful campaigns to continue raising funds. So if you still want to fund ZeMarmot, be a part of its credits and/or get some cool goodies, you still can!
The way we see this, the funding should never stop: the more we get, the better will the movie be.

Oh by the way: thank you very very very much to all our current and coming funders! ZeMarmot movie will exist thanks to you!

See you soon.

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