Promote a Libre Movie during the International Day against DRM… and after!

Today is the International #DayAgainstDRM.

International Day Against DRM 2015

Digital Right Managements (systems preventing you from copying a movie or a song you bought, print an ebook you paid… and sometimes even read these!) are a real nuisance and we should fight them. But we believe here that fighting only is not enough. We should also propose constructive alternatives, new ways to produce, share and enjoy media and arts.

ZeMarmot is such an alternative: an animation film under Creative Commons BY-SA, which you can download and share at will. Marmot LoveThere won’t ever be any DRM in any ZeMarmot copy since it would be a design inconsistency. Our licence allowing (even encouraging) to share, it is indeed opposite by design.

So what better way to get rid of DRMs than contributing to Libre movies? Show the world that movies can be produced without harmful restriction! Contribute to ZeMarmot (by going to our crowdfunding!) and/or any other¹ Libre Art projet that you may like!

And if you can’t, spreading the word is good too. 🙂

Also such a day is a good reminder of all problems brought by DRM but to reach real results, don’t limit your contributions to Libre Art projects to this specific day of course!

¹ We met recently, during Libre Graphics Meeting, Matt Lee from the Creative Commons Foundation who is also producing and funding a personal project of feature film (not animation), which looks very funny, and of course also under Creative Commons BY-SA (like ZeMarmot). This seems like another good Libre funding target if you don’t like animation. Of course if you can fund both, you would be even more awesome! 😉

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    1. Hi,

      Well… seems you are right. I didn’t draw the map (I just took the image from the FSF website), so I can’t really tell you for sure, but I really doubt this is on purpose.
      This is probably just because it’s a simplified map, and with no Japanese in their team (just an assumption, I have no idea if some Japanese contributors are involved), maybe nobody noticed Japan missing. I’ll ask them.

    2. Hi Janne,

      That was an embarrassing error on our part. A staff member created the map quickly and we should have taken the time to carefully review it. Our apologies.

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