The Marmot’s burrow

So our animation projet has got a Marmot as main character. His burrow is therefore quite important. So we did some research. Of course our character being of the specific “Alpine Marmots”, we focus on this subspecies.

So the Alpine marmots live mainly between 1500 and 3000 meters high, above forests. It seems they prefer clear largely exposed area so that they can spot any predator from far away. They live in group, in large burrows, up to 3 meter deep and 10 meter long, with a main room, toilets, a main entrance facing south (they like their sun!), and even emergency exits.
Well we won’t bore you more with details, you can find these all and more on the web. Funny also as it seems more than a kid must have had homeworks on the marmot’s burrow out there! Pretty funny. 🙂

Here are some research images.

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