Quick Update: mirror-painting? I have not forgotten!

Hello all,

A quick update about the mirror painting feature in GIMP. I have regularly people reminding me, and you are right about doing so! But know that It is not forgotten. Simply my life has been a little going on many directions lately, with moving back to my home country after about 5 years on the road (and still not fully stable), trying to manage a non-profit for Libre Art in Paris (you’ll hear very soon about it!), and various projects.

Yet the mirror-painting project is not dead. I simply know that GIMP 2.10 is not to be out just yet, so there is no need to hurry right now, while there are much more pressing things for me to do. Also be assured, with the platform I used, I don’t get the money until it is done, which I think is a good thing.
Anyway I’ll give more news about it soon, I hope. But you’ll likely hear about other projects before.
See you soon!