Symmetry Painting in GIMP ready to be merged

Hi all,

So I started a small crowdfunding for mirror painting in GIMP some time ago. It took some time since I had other priority (like our ZeMarmot film project) and my only time restriction was to get it out before GIMP 2.10 is out. And I knew it would take some time anyway.
Also I wanted to do things well. I know that some people were complaining that I could already release the code from the early demo I showed a video of, long ago. But seriously this was horrible crappy broken code. As a developer with some self-respect, I would never release such a code publicly, which was clearly done only to give an “idea” of what it could look like, not for solid code base of a good application.

Well I finally reached this state of a solid code base. I actually saw very quickly the need for something much more generic than just “mirror” painting. So I implemented what I called a generic “Multi-Stroke” feature, though Mitch did not like this naming at all and proposed to just call it “symmetry” (which I, in turn, don’t think defines the feature well, since it allows more than only symmetries, but well…). Basically from a single stroke coordinates, a “symmetry” would outputs 1 or more strokes (at different coordinates, but also with optional brush transformation too, using the new GEGL engine of GIMP).
With this base feature, which takes most of the code, I implemented the originally funded mirror symmetry, as well as a rotational symmetry, and a tiling symmetry (once the base code is there, adding any kind of “symmetry” is just a matter of minutes).
Well a video is worth any words. So here is the current state of the code:

For those who are interested into the resulting code or want to test, it is available publicly in a branch (hopefully soon to be merged to master):
Probably the next step of such a feature would be to have an API to allow plug-in developers to easily implement their own symmetries. I believe this would not be very complicated to implement too.

About the authors of ZeMarmot

ZeMarmot logo

“ZeMarmot” project is currently being made by 2 people: Aryeom and Jehan. I guess it is time to present ourselves:

Aryeom Han
Aryeom Han, photo by Patrick David

Aryeom is a young South Korean independant animation film director and animation artists. She studied for 4 years in Sangmyung University in the Fine Arts department, with “Animation Film” specialty. Her first co-directed short animation, “Grandma Ocean” got screened in more than a dozen festivals and won 2 prices: “Best Short” in category “Traveling shorts in Korea” at 10th Asiana International Short Film Festival, and second price in the 3rd Busan Women’s Film Festival 2012.

She is now an artist in residency in the association LILA in Paris, and is trying to create her own animation studio, Studio Girin. Also she is an awesome user of GIMP.
Aryeom is the movie co-scenarist and film director.

Jehan, photo by Patrick David

Jehan has been an actor as a young kid for a dozen of years, especially for movie dubbings, and also won an “Outstanding Youth Actor in a Foreign Film” award in the Young Artist Awards 1995 for his acting in the cinema movie “Dust of Life” by Rachid Bouchareb. Nowadays he spends time as a software developer (among others for GIMP…).

Jehan spent a few years traveling the world alone on a motorcycle (from France to Japan, crossing all Europe and Asia through Turkey, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia, etc.), then he traveled with Aryeom across South Korea, Japan and New Zealand. Their travels are inspirational of ZeMarmot’s story.
Jehan is the movie co-scenarist.

Note that the Marmot is even more physical that one might think since Jehan has always been traveling with a plush toy (Marmot actually “pretends” to be a plush toy, in order to pass borders safely of course! But ssshhhh that’s a secret…) as a “copilot” on his bike and on every trip.
Here is the original Marmot, crossing by motorbike the vast desertic steppes of Mongolia (this is not a joke!):

Marmot Crossing Mongolia
Marmot Crossing Mongolia

ZeMarmot project at Libre Graphics Meeting 2015

Studio Girin has participated to Libre Graphics Meeting for the last 2 years, and we will again this year! This time, it happens from 29 April to 2nd of May in Toronto, Canada.

We will do a presentation for funding of ZeMarmot; 2D animation film made fully with open source software at LGM.

We are planning to start funding our project for production cost from that day and are preparing a short teaser movie for this.

The clip of presentation will be posted on May, at LGM 2015 closure.

ZeMarmot Recent news

Last week, we applied for support on scenario writing for the Project ZeMarmot.
We hadn’t decided the running time until now, but we finally settled for a time as we wrote the files. The running time is 45 min. Yeah, that’s mid-long. Of course, the actual finale time may vary depending on funding. Let’s say this is our goal. We will keep applying to get other supports anyway.
We are trying not to raise expectation too much… But if it happens, it would be great.

Below are a few sketches, related to the current state of the synopsis. For instance Marmot’s India travel.

taj mahal
Marmot flying over the Taj Mahal in India
An Indian cattle. It looks like wise (or sleepy).

Below pictures depict sample cut strips. These might be small spoilers. So, I won’t explain these strips!


The Marmot’s burrow

So our animation projet has got a Marmot as main character. His burrow is therefore quite important. So we did some research. Of course our character being of the specific “Alpine Marmots”, we focus on this subspecies.

So the Alpine marmots live mainly between 1500 and 3000 meters high, above forests. It seems they prefer clear largely exposed area so that they can spot any predator from far away. They live in group, in large burrows, up to 3 meter deep and 10 meter long, with a main room, toilets, a main entrance facing south (they like their sun!), and even emergency exits.
Well we won’t bore you more with details, you can find these all and more on the web. Funny also as it seems more than a kid must have had homeworks on the marmot’s burrow out there! Pretty funny. 🙂

Here are some research images.

go out entrance concepts homeresearch

ZeMarmot Project

We are working currently with the animation artist Aryeom Han on a 2D animation project, entirely made with Free Software. This is still the start, we are mostly defining the main and secondary characters, the graphics style and the synopsis…

This movie is based off an original idea from Jehan, who had started — years ago — to doodle a small marmot who liked to sleep and nap everywhere. He started to make it into a webcomic with the help of Aryeom. It has been quicly decided to make it a movie instead.


A marmot living quietly in his burrow, whose favorite activity is sleeping, discovers there would be unheard extraordinary things outside his mountains. The small rodent decides to leave in a trip around the world.

The main character

The Marmot, our key character, is a small rodent from the western European mountains. As a consequence it would be an Alpine marmot (scientific name: Marmota marmota).

We tried several graphical styles and are now indecisive on 2 styles. Here they are.

ZeMarmot, first version
ZeMarmot, first version

ZeMarmot, second version
ZeMarmot, second version

And here are some scans of illustrations and various research drawings.
ZeMarmot walking
ZeMarmot walking

Meets a hedgehog
Meets a hedgehog

The burrow, home sweet home
The burrow, home sweet home

Libre Calendar 2015

The Studio Girin is participating to a Libre Calendar, with Aryeom, our animator, drawing 2 illustrations in the calendar.

Some artworks of Wilber, the GIMP mascot, made by Aryeom.
Some artworks of Wilber, the GIMP mascot, made by Aryeom (she will also draw another, completely new, drawing for the sake of this project!).

This will be a typical “old-style” (= paper) calendar, with 12 artworks (drawings, photographs and 3D renders). The Calendar and all the artworks will be released as Creative Commons Attribution 2.0, which means that you can basically use these artworks however you want in your own creations as long as you credit the original authors.
These artworks are made by 6 awesome artists, all using Free Software, in particular GIMP and Blender, but also likely Inkscape. And we will do the finale calendar page layout with Scribus. So this is a full “Freedom” calendar, wouhou!

If there are enough sales, hence profit, it will be mainly used to fund the artists and also donated to the 4 aforementioned FLOSS projects. So I hope you’ll go get one!

Anyway go see more at: Libre Calendar 2015!

Quick Update: mirror-painting? I have not forgotten!

Hello all,

A quick update about the mirror painting feature in GIMP. I have regularly people reminding me, and you are right about doing so! But know that It is not forgotten. Simply my life has been a little going on many directions lately, with moving back to my home country after about 5 years on the road (and still not fully stable), trying to manage a non-profit for Libre Art in Paris (you’ll hear very soon about it!), and various projects.

Yet the mirror-painting project is not dead. I simply know that GIMP 2.10 is not to be out just yet, so there is no need to hurry right now, while there are much more pressing things for me to do. Also be assured, with the platform I used, I don’t get the money until it is done, which I think is a good thing.
Anyway I’ll give more news about it soon, I hope. But you’ll likely hear about other projects before.
See you soon!

AXIOM: OpenHardware Cinema Camera

Hi all,

A small news about a project I have been following for quite some time, and even participating a little, though not as much as I would have wanted unfortunately. Have you heard about the apertus° project? Well that’s an OpenHardware project, whose goal is to make a real and professional cinema camera.

Apertus° is running a crowdfunding campaign right now, just a few days to close in, and we really hope everyone interested would make this story happen!
To know more about the project, read below.

Apertus AXIOM beta concept art
Apertus AXIOM beta concept art

Apertus° was born from a community of hardware hackers around the Elphel Cameras. Elphel cameras are themselves OpenHardware, and using Free Software, which makes them awesome already by definition. But they are clearly rather made for technical projects: science projects, and such. One of the most famous projects based on an Elphel Camera is their usage for Google Street View.
Several people in the cinema business liked the idea and hacked something from these, but that was not enough. After all, why wouldn’t it be possible to have a real professional-quality cinema camera fully OpenHardware? This is how the apertus° project, community, non-profit entity and even small company came to life. Notice the ° in the title? This is for “openness”, where usually companies and people would set a ™ for Trademark, a clear position taken against all the restrictions most companies would like to set on everything and everyone.

We know about small scale OpenHardware projects (well they may be high scale in diffusion, but the hardware itself is small), like the now-famous Raspberry Pi or the ColorHug. But this is another level.

Of course you will say there are a lot of other huge and awesome hardware crowdfunded nowaydays, but you are basically funding for people to make proprietary product and a company without real control of what will happen after. You get your perks, but then what? OpenHardware is a complete different story. You are building a future where you have the control. This is not just about this specific object, a camera or whatever this is. This is also about sharing and spreading knowledge, not being considered as a walking wallet and an idiot. Because now it is a camera. Later it can be your fridge, your whole computer, from the motherboard to graphics card, your car maybe even, and why not your whole house! In a world where we are renting more and more, where every object is now a black box that you are forbidden to open (or your warranty is told to “expire” prematurely), where even car dealers can’t fix your car, with proprietary electronics, anymore, this could be a refreshing change of pace.
Let’s take back what we were supposed to own, one object at a time!

So now, if you are not interested at all about filming yourself, I understand you wouldn’t fund the bigger perks, but what about stickers or a t-shirt to show your support for the project?
And if you are interested into filming, well, consider funding for your own OpenHardware camera! I can tell you, I reserved my own camera by funding long ago. 🙂